New review: a tough nut to crack 21.11.2017

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– Business is business. You can use the gun, I use a fountain pen. What’s the difference?

Now this is probably gonna sound strange, but “die hard” I saw for the first time. Most people met him for a long time, but I’m catching up only now. I can say that I even liked. At least I’ve managed to wean itself from the genre Thriller in its purest form, but in this film there’s definitely.

On Christmas eve new York COP John McClane arrives in Los Angeles to reconcile with his wife. The meeting takes place in a modern skyscraper Nakatomi Plaza during a Christmas party. In the midst of the holiday the building captured by terrorists. John alone with the confrontation…

As I said, this is a Thriller in its purest form. Now, this genre occurs imperceptibly, in the background of fantastic big-budget blockbusters. But sometimes I want something simple, with the usual shootings, ingenious steps, without tons of CGI and green screen. And all this can be found here.

The story is not new, even for those times. The standard story hostage-taking, a hero, a limited number of locations and, of course, intelligently woven into the love line (though taken in the third plan). Despite stereotyped, the film is really fun to watch. The plot, without rocking, exciting and attracts attention. Of course thanks to the various cliche’s all very predictable. But look no less interesting.

We should also mention the actors. In addition to Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman and Paul Gleason I no one else from the cast do not know. But then on the other don’t pay much attention. These three and pull the story together with Reginald Veljohnson. Played without a single blot. Especially Bruce. Now I understand why it immediately became popular after this role.

Overall the film is very good. If anyone hasn’t seen it yet (which I doubt), the acquaintance it is better not to tighten. One of the most interesting fighters of the past generation that I’ve seen. For viewing categorically recommended.

8 out of 10

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New review: a tough nut to crack 21.11.2017

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