New review: a Very strange case 12.12.2017

Good series, but if you look purely serednjachkov. His main problem is that fiction setting plays absolutely no role in the development of the plot and can be replaced by another without loss of quality. And even heaps of references to other movies, books and other things do not save (even though they did). In fact the series as well as dozens of similar, about a personal relationship between the students, with the standard moves and cliches. This paid a large part of the plot time.

All the action like a game, not just DnD, fans which are the main characters, and simple nursery. Naive based, though somewhat limited, but imagination. “I have a gun! — I have superpowers!” — from this series. Therefore, the claim on the lack of logic in the actions aside. And the actors, especially younger ones, to play in this respect: they don’t live their roles, and pretend for fun, and there is a certain attraction.

The impression is that in the first season the creators of the series seriously tried to show its application to uniqueness, therefore, periodically slipped completely unnecessary pathos. The second season moved away from it, focusing on what they are strong — the stories about the school and transition to adulthood.

6 out of 10

New review: a Very strange case 12.12.2017

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