New review: a Very strange case 20.09.2017

I’m here after “It” just came to look at the bright role of a boy Finn Wulfred, and was hoping for actually reading a classic detective synopsis. Even the admixture of supernatural abilities I somehow forced to think about the fact that there may be something… what I did not expect? Well, on the verge of baby talk, think. Especially the story about the children, and here I am with “It”, what do I still fear? (especially after book king even more)

I’m not afraid of blood, not afraid of cut-off limbs, only I’m afraid a bit that does not depend on a particular place, and can hit you everywhere. That’s scary — doors slamming, monsters from under the bed, aliens… Telekinesis on the level of Carrie seems to be something even normal, well, actually, however, Carrie is not someone else’s. And all sorts of creatures of this kind I never liked.

This series tells again about everything at once, and it all falls out on you even in the darkness almost complete. A small town, a certain number of characters, a detective story followed avidly (I watched all the action for the day, and I do not regret it) — what else is needed for a good series of this genre and focus?

Mix everything in the end gave a good product and review is pathetic. Nice to see references to the king and Spielberg (I like both, I like the use of references, and nothing wrong with that), it’s nice to see that time, which was painted in the colors of the same music, clothes and just surrounded by heroes. Nice to see that someone does care, that there is friendship, hope and faith… and love. The engine and progress, and the story is proven.

Want except, actually, the reasons for watching this series highlight two more great reasons that appeared during the Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby brown, without whom it would not be all as good as it turned out. Plus I liked except for special nettikasino pictures (you’ll know her among a thousand, say) the same music. Pleasant to the ear, and all your senses rejoice when the soul of growing panic from this oppressive darkness.

All horror movies horror even though that is a kind of jigsaw puzzle of gear, but so harmonious that we don’t even want to think about it. I want to wait for the second season and hope for the best.

New review: a Very strange case 20.09.2017

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