New review: a Wake-up call 26.09.2017

I love it when a movie is made in such a non-standard form, exactly, they are fundamentally different from many other paintings and make a special impression. I really liked the first half of the film where all the attention is focused on the American emergency service number 911for a lot of people for various help. The second half is also good, only more intense until the very end. The dialogues in the tape is performed at a high level, it is interesting to observe the difficult situation, and for tips on how to get out of it. Beautifully crafted image of a serial killer, he looks creepy, inappropriate behavior — add more madness and tension. The final picture looks quite spectacular, not like the formulaic endings of this genre. Acting Halle berry and Abigail Breslin played at the level of their characters, without any errors, although the overall look not bad.

“Alarm call” is an American Thriller of 2013 made worthy. Feels great tense atmosphere Laden with interest in its actions and events. In General, there are necessary components and elements that make this film successful creation, worthy of attention.

8 out of 10

New review: a Wake-up call 26.09.2017

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