New review: a Woman constable 30.06.2017

1956. Not just have a young and naïve graduate of the police Academy, the first female constable in a male environment of the police station in Birmingham. This series is not only about the everyday life of guards, raids, investigations, corruption and serious crime, but about typical for that time sexism in the service and at home.

The main theme of the series faced difficulties that have to overcome a young girl is able to achieve, albeit not equal, of course, but any respect on the part of men — as colleagues and superiors, and law-abiding citizens and offenders. The hardest, of course, have with colleagues and commanders, they are absolutely sure that the purpose of a woman constable is solely to serve tea and serve the object of their jokes and condescending ridicule.

Fortunately, in addition to the issues of emancipation and women’s share at all, in the series a lot and just criminal and the detective events. In police Affairs, service conflicts, investigations and revelations of intrigue is enough. Properly removed, you can watch. I liked the series because it very well illustrates many of the realities, historical items, interesting everyday details. That was interesting.

Language. Say sometimes quite quickly and not too clearly, many regional and social accent. Contingent. Phonetics is more complicated vocabulary and even the idiom. For a complete understanding, I think, without subtitles is not enough.

7 out of 10

New review: a Woman constable 30.06.2017

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