New review: About love. Adult only 26.09.2017

Great cast, loved me and known to me in other works actors: John Malkovich, Fedor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Anna Mikhalkova, ravshana Kurkova?, Vladimir Yaglych? — don’t need any introduction…

The Lukeria Ilyashenko? (“Treason”, “the Sweet life”), Alexander PAL (“You are my problem”, “a Guy from our cemeteries”), Gleb Kalyuzhny?(“Red bracelets”, “14+ the Story of first love”), Maroussia Zykova (“Londongrad. Know our”), Alexandra Bortech? (“Elusive”, “Police Rublyovka”, “duhless 2”)

Great music and soundtracks with your favorite Bi-2…

In the film the background are fragments of the famous old Soviet movies.

Good topic and a great story. This film was viewed by me at just the right time, in the right my mental state???

Each Novella consists of the film carries a deep meaning, shown to us from the Comedy, “Laughter through tears”…

The somewhat provocative nature of the film suggests the insights and provocations from my side, please do not pour the angry lines in my address, but I advise him to see some girls, and guys too… mainly, of course, the film is designed for fans of the genre. The essence of the theses:

– “It is better to do and regret than not to do and a lifetime to regret not having tried”.

Often we do not notice that our happiness is already there and are in search of something, but do not know what they really want. Happiness and joy in small things.

– Most of the men — owners and selfish, they are not willing to share with anyone what belongs to them, even if they deny it.

– No matter how you look, how much money you earn, what social status are you or love you there or not.

– All people from small to big lie.

– If a man wants to change, it will change and nobody knows it and no one can stop him. To keep a man, can not be anything: neither youth nor beauty, nor power, nor money, if he does not want!!!

– “You can’t be 24 hours together, you need to give each other the opportunity to miss”!!!

– “Relationships are work”

Summary: Love is trust each other, this mutual understanding, support and insight, the ability to support each other’s interests, empathy and respect…

My personal summary based not only on this film but on some recent events in my life, while not thought he will ever say or write such, BUT… — “Perhaps love exists”?

“You’re so beautiful, my love… — Bi-2”

New review: About love. Adult only 26.09.2017

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