New review: Agility 27.07.2017

Magic as a form of criminal art Bo started in order to feed themselves and sister after losing both parents. But as always happens, once the focus has not gone as planned and the fun turned into a job from which you cannot refuse.

The film is crime drama about the hard life of black people that he so it do. Original good intentions to help the heroes to hide behind, so as not to fester the consequences of their black deeds. But at some point the same Bo understood that the chosen profession becomes a way of life that reflects on others.

About acting is difficult to speak, because she usually does not exist as such, for tough guys only have to walk around with stone faces and to suffer if things don’t go according to plan.

But overall the movie was good as a sketch of the life of the people of the American ghetto who want to make some quick cash money. But extraordinary something from “Skill” is not worth waiting.

Figuratively speaking, it’s just a shift of the Hollywood factory of cinema, which is forgotten after the final whistle.

6 out of 10

New review: Agility 27.07.2017

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