New review: Alena 07.06.2017

Do Sweden horror movies? Unfortunately, Yes.

Alena begins to study in a private luxury boarding school for girls from wealthy families. Her classmates immediately disliked. For what? This game us not misleading. Really, why develop the characters? It is best to dilute and so leisurely narrative long meaningless pauses. Alena herself somehow does nothing to remedy the situation. Moreover, or rather, she pretends that nothing happens. Even in moments when the presence of something mystical cannot be denied.

To look at the picture is simply boring, horror movie weird. The first scene where the heroine is threatened, not in words but in reality, occurs only after forty minutes from the beginning. And it is truly amazing (in a bad way). A gang of girls-fiends to take their “team” make the new girl to do something with Alena. If you think something like “Oh, it’s a horror movie, therefore, kill or maim”, you are sorely mistaken. To rape. Despite the fact that Alena herself, and so gay. Overall, the film does absolutely nothing wrong. “Horrors” is paid in the amount of fifteen minutes.

Actors. Amalia Holm in the role of Alena still somehow trying. But the rest don’t even try to play. A piece of wood like. Names I will not mention, that we do not need.

Sometimes there is a reasonable question. What motivates people to create such horrible movies like “Alyona”?

3 out of 10

New review: Alena 07.06.2017

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