New review: Alice in Wonderland 07.06.2017

Got here my hands grasping to Alice in Wonderland. Immediately I must say that the film is well very based on the original works, therefore, to compare it with the plot of the book makes sense, and so we will talk about the movie as an independent creation.

Well, not immediately obvious involvement in the film by Tim Burton. The film was more colorful and fabulous, however, not devoid of the atmosphere and its charm.

Very much reminiscent of the plot of the game and there are quite a large similarity with the game Alice, the thought creeps in that the authors heard. Most begin to feel nostalgic for the game, when Alice comes into the possession of Time, a curious man, by the way.

Speaking of characters: new here, well, I imagine its not much differently represented, although this version is good, a kind of conceited and a great time. It was interesting to watch last of our friends. And the world the creators made a beautiful. Plus go suteeji and charisma of the characters, especially the March Hare was pleased, in the first film it downloaded.

Cons: the image of the Hatter is too bright, he teetered on the thin line between crazy, wonderful, mysterious Hatter and the usual buffoon, and the story is still too simple, well, it’s for my sophisticated tastes.

Want to share your opinion, given my wild love for the universe and the Alice as a character.

8 out of 10

New review: Alice in Wonderland 07.06.2017

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