New review: Alice upside down 01.10.2017

Not mistaken if I say that in most cases, film enthusiasts prefer to see the famous Hollywood movie, so “Alice upside down” will be ignored, and for good reason — it’s very touching and good movie!

In the film, frequently featured the book “Tom Sawyer”, I think, not just between Tom and the main character have a lot in common, for example, a thirst for adventure. Like How Alice is always in the clouds, imagining emerges victorious from any difficult situation, but at least, the reality is not as in dreams, real life is not worse. Throughout the film Alice will have to face a lot of problems, from moving to another house, before realizing who her true friends are. It stung every incident, but if you find that the depth of her feelings you’re missing, Alice will tell you about it directly!

The new school Alice, an interesting place with many wonderful students and teachers. From the events I liked the new theatrical production. Alice is disappointed with his role, but an important lesson she learned from this situation: no small roles — everyone has a talent!

But all this recedes into the background compared to the relationship of Alice and Mrs. Plotkin, her school teacher, the most important story, for which, in fact, I love this movie! Mrs. Plotkin harsh, man and demanding teacher is a difficult combination! But looks can be deceiving, and under the outer strictness hides a kind heart!

You know, a lot of talk about the problems of modern education, its limitations, but if it is, as shown in this film, I would have wished it to each student!

9 out of 10

New review: Alice upside down 01.10.2017

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