New review: Alien 23.06.2017

If you know that you can’t trust anyone, scared to live. If you are scared to live, we have all the time to escape from fear. If you know that salvation is in vain that you will still find and kill those who cannot be trusted, then you need to find and kill them first.

But. There’s no guarantee that after this it will be less scary. And there is no guarantee that you will live long.

And that’s the point — the choice to live only for some time longer than those from whom you’re scared.

The main heroine of the film — not someone else’s, it is ours. It is a product of our life and culture. Yes, that culture, because that’s what it is — our culture.

Our art and cinema is not accidental is very tied to reality and realism. In the West from movies and actors expect of the performance, special effects, a great deception, the eternal smile. We do not need. We, in the Wake of Stanislavsky, not believe. Do not believe and do not trust. We can appreciate the authenticity, the truth of life. No silicone sniffles and toothy mouths as Ridley Scott we are busy with others, we learn to live by the works of cinema that are as really hard and frightening. This is what staked the panayev and Skabichevsky from the movie, that is Adolfych and Ernst.

Not without reason in criminal circles under the words “true life” means something, that life has much less in common than with death. Everything about survival, acquires a special significance if you are involved in a criminal “cause” or in relations with “strangers”. And when the line between criminal and non-criminal cultures erased, then survival becomes more important than morality and ethics relations.

The text of the “Stranger” would need to be included in the school curriculum for literature. The movie “Alien” would need to be included in the list of recommended movies for seniors. Because the rest of the literature and movies forever is outdated and has ceased to be relevant to the society and the culture in which these new young people to live. What kind of life, this must be a preparation for it. What culture is, such should be and the curriculum. Will the differences between them — will be next to impossible in this culture to survive.

New review: Alien 23.06.2017

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