New review: Alien: Testament 08.06.2017

The script, the script, the script, the script and again a script. Why should we show a klutz? The same mistakes, the same carelessness. Fragile girl against enduring Martian nature, whose genes laid the massacre. The abomination there. The car with the car says about love is interesting — interesting characters. On Board the ship, the virgin, of unidentified stomach, a stranger on the image, and the prophet.

Insatiable bloodthirsty Ridley in Darwin’s theory. Judah kiss. Not a Thriller, a silly horror with elements of kung fu. Soulless intelligence in the flesh chooses to reign in hell. When you’re 80 and you’re the Creator, I want someone else’s blood.

Began for health, finished for the repose. Of Judah the machine collects souls.

5,5 out of 10

New review: Alien: Testament 08.06.2017

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