New review: Alien: Testament 08.06.2017

Before going to the “Testament” revised “Prometheus” I don’t regret I saw the film in a completely new way. I’m not talking about the silly actions of the crew — all have already dismantled to pieces. Almost all I agree. I will not argue, as far as canonical Others (in the end, we were shown these creatures still in development).

The whole story of the crew of the Covenant and even largely the story of other people here seem somewhat artificial, like a tape adhered to the story of only one character — the Android David. However, this has changed little since the days of “Prometheus”. All this fuss, running around, and the monsters are the backdrop for the personal drama, the only artificial human. The film does not entertainment perspective, that’s just pull?

Who is this David, the main character of this cycle? A child who grew up without love. A child who is mildly, casually, even joking about his disability. The kid talking, not communicating. How to “talk” with the vacuum cleaner — probably with yourself, about your. Who feels no pain, and not able to understand what someone else’s pain. No, not so — it would be possible to teach compassion, but this child made a servant, a thing, a slave, and not a family member.

For a developing psyche indifference worse than even the most cruel and unjust punishment. David not tortured, not beaten, not insult. No, he is awash in arrogant, condescending indifference, starting with simple members of the crew, ending with the man who for some reason forced to call him “father”, distorting the very meaning of the word.

Surrounding made everything that is alive, creative, bright mind became cruel, indifferent to death, perverted. And you know what worse? They, these others, not so guilty. Not looked, then blurted out — is it such a terrible fault? Is worthy of these, let short-sighted people, such a severe retribution? Of course not. The payback is a hundred times worse than the offense. And the fault here is collective — people made themselves a tool, but not realized in time that a reasonable thinking being to be raised like a child, not to command him like a machine. And “mistakes” — Walter — was even worse… However, without spoilers, there is not enough.

Total, if in Prometheus showed how David develops, receives all the more reason to do so, not to value the lives of others and the freedom of others, in the “Testament” we see the result — the man who can’t love, though able to fall in love. Can not be friends, although in dire need for a friend and companion. And, of course, a person absolutely ruthless, heartless — well, he was initially denied the right to be animate.

Sad, but logical conclusion: from David frost on the skin, it creates pure evil, and whatever you told him, being alone with his bloodthirsty entourage — he won’t hear you. Have not heard it since birth, but it is not even revenge, not conscious of “a tooth for a tooth.” For David not to listen to others — norms learned from people. The norm, which taught him.

Innocent monster is not created by the development of technology, not criminal negligence scientists, but the usual short-sightedness and arrogance of people who could not be not what the gods, but even their parents. Detailed, detailed the tragedy of “fathers and children” in the background of the bloody meat grinder, aggressive Xenophon and atmospheric landscapes. Here only to see this line distracting in such exotic surroundings, it is necessary to look. Not plus, not minus in the film.

Well and Others, of course, beside ran.

New review: Alien: Testament 08.06.2017

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