New review: Alien: Testament 11.06.2017

In General I was able to ignore all the skepticism, negativity kilotonne been reading before the premiere and after her. Viewing of the film assessed in generally positive.

The film quickly develops virtually no slack, except stretched a start, and if you set aside the expectations after the previous film, we can say that the film is not bad. It looked exciting. But now, after watching if you begin to remember the film, you realize how much impossible shit in it, and what bolt was put not only on the previous film, but in General logic. How much unsaid, not shown, and again without answers.

Don’t understand why it was necessary to stretch the beginning. Here it is necessary to me as picking a solar sail (great shows by the way)? Instead showed something with Shaw and David or as he wanders the town.

About the crew of idiots even do not want to repeat. There is already so everyone painted as I could.

Was somewhat upset that such a meager bestiary was, just as the almost complete absence of normal action.

The presence of all uselock up to the music from the first film is certainly nice.

The actors here all is simple. The whole movie drags entirely Fassbender. Luxurious in the role of Dr. Evil David. In General I really like how he shows the Android with delusions of grandeur and those creepy-ass cockroaches in my head. Awesome sinister-Android went to the roof. His confrontation with Walter, too.

All the other actors no. Katherine Waterson aka new Ripley was as pale moths that and Fantastic creatures. It seems the character has at least some disclosure, but still remains empty. Of other to see McBride. Surprising as the actor which to me has staked out a role in a stupid Comedy is played quite well. Well, Yes James Franco bait — one of the best roles!

Visually flawless, as always Scott. No complaints. All very high quality and great. But the visuals of Prometheus inferior.

Music is average. There are a few good tracks, but they are all similar and it is rather ambient. One of them — the hum and whoosh of the tube when it’s some ass or when David is something I can do that. Tracks from the first film will not be considered. Oh and a good tune during the appearance of a Stranger. How good it is and how it is used ridiculous.

Holes in the plot simply monstrous that became a thing already Ridley. But while watching the film is already accustomed to close his eyes.

The final twist of course from the very beginning guessed. In short, I followed the story about the crazy adventures of the Android David in the performance of Fassbender.

The more now you start to remember the movie, the more I realize what a sea of shoals and dope I closed my eyes while watching. Therefore, it is necessary to put rather a rating.

7 out of 10

New review: Alien: Testament 11.06.2017

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