New review: Alien: Testament 29.07.2017

Ridley Scott. What do moviegoers associate the name of this famous Director? Without a doubt, many immediately POPs to mind is the universe of “Alien” half of the series which he took part. The 1979 film, unfortunately, never came to my eyes, “Prometheus” as I watched, it was pretty good. It was the turn of “Alien: Testament.” Watched the trailer and thought: well, it’s Scott, he could not do differently to remove! So, definitely need to continue to watch.

Thus, the viewing began. All the same the future, as in “Prometheus,” only another 15 years. The atmosphere remained true to itself: a dark, creepy and chilling; this is not a beach party, and a dangerous mission from which the characters may not return. Special effects do not disappoint: the space is beautiful and mysterious, ksenomorf with neomort looked scary and ominous.

By the way, about the characters and actors. Daniels performed by Katherine Waterston here were compared with Ripley, played many favorite Sigourney weaver. Catherine did a good job, but would like to see more of her character with other people. Perhaps it would have looked more impressive. Michael Fassbender was at the height: so to portray maloemotsionalny androids Walter and David only he could. It was extremely interesting to observe their interaction with each other. The rest of the cast proved themselves worthy, but somewhat lost in the background Waterston and Fassbender, as the two of them attracted attention.

Of course, it was not in the picture, and without controversy. Sometimes the behavior of the characters was too confusing and illogical. And this scene with David and Walter… What to scary scenes — there were plenty and they were good.

“Alien: the Covenant” — a new scary tale from the master Ridley Scott. It’s not perfect, but to spend time in the company it will be quite nice. Lovers of the universe by far is offered for viewing.

7 out of 10

New review: Alien: Testament 29.07.2017

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