New review: Alien: the Kingdom of man 22.10.2017

Plot: the film Begins on an unknown planet with a dialogue between the crew of a ship — a guy and a girl. No explanation of the reasons for the development of events, nor about the plot. Further content represented mainly the insipid conversations with shifts of locations within the planet — spacecraft — in the winter forest. Sometimes appears being an Alien, which bears no resemblance to its original version nor in appearance (Color, skin, and features), nor behavior.

Cons: Unnatural games characters, expressed in slowness and theatrical, unrealistic effects (Like for a computer game from zero), the suits look like motorcycle gear, the lack of structure of the story and clear lack of dynamism.

Pros: Some atmospheric visuals and soundtracks (Probably, but it saves the picture to watch it till the end), a small duration.

Conclusion: do Not think that in 2017, the year you can withdraw so far from the original series in terms of quality and content of the movie “alien”. Even if you consider that this movie and low budget, its creators should have done better to work out the plot to add suspense, logic and dynamics. As they say — “beer to go”, but certainly not more.

6 out of 10

New review: Alien: the Kingdom of man 22.10.2017

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