New review: all the fault of the raccoon 31.07.2017

No, probably the person at least once in my life I wanted to be reborn, to start life with a clean slate. The consequences of bad decisions, rash words, unconsidered actions cast a shadow on our lives, and affecting relationships with people, and professional growth, and our internal state. At some point we begin to feel powerless to unravel this tangle, in which the best intentions are intertwined with horrible actions. All this stretches over us like a heavy burden, which you want to reset, but it is unclear how to do it. Life is both surprising and beautiful, and terrible. And it is unclear how we can separate one from the other. This film “blame raccoon.”

“Blame the raccoon” based on real events described in the story of Edgar Lawrence Doctorow. Pies are: back Bryan Cranston, that is Howard the other night from work. Sees — raccoon-rascal in a nearby garage. He just chunk the portfolio, and he disappeared into the door and rushed to the attic. Howard was behind him. Suddenly saw from the window of the attic visible from the kitchen of his home, where his wife, played by Jennifer garner maliciously washes the dishes. Maliciously, because the day before he got into a fight. Of course, because of jealousy. Thought our Howard and fell asleep. Morning. “Seems silly to pop up at home, gonna get real suspicious,” thought the hero and began to wait. And it was that. The wife called the police, mother-in-law rode, children crying, a man on the horizon start to loom. “Nonsense,” thought Howard and started peeing into the bottle, eat open cans, overgrown with tangles and to grow a creepy beard. Of course, all this time, he followed the relatives, caustically commenting on their actions, recalls the past and is engaged in soul-searching. If you think to look at how a talented artist two hours muttering something under his breath — it is bad, just not acquainted with this film. Those who appreciate a good movie is “blame the raccoon” will be like.

Sometimes it seems that Director Robin Swicord read a lot of absurd of eternity “How to start a new life with a clean slate: 10 tips psychologist” and elevates them to the idol. What does Howard Wakefield, a handsome man in an expensive suit toss big money out of office, living in a decent suburb and became at his own request, dirty, bearded beggar, proves the following. Armed with a pen! If you want to start all over again: weigh the pros and cons; please answer honestly to the question: “do you Think that without a family you will be much better?”; don’t look back and not regret what you have done; your way — “hurry!”; believe in success, but be prepared for possible difficulties, or the first failure will force you to turn back; make proper planning of your day, your steps to a new life and other heresies, which are stuffed with insecure people. Here only the main character left lots of unfinished business, not getting a divorce, not pay off debts, not said goodbye to loved daughters, and a lot of free time is spent admiring how crumbling life.

“In life there are two tragedies. One does not fulfill his deepest desires. The second is to achieve,” — said Bernard Shaw. This statement is surprisingly accurate reflects the feelings of most of us. We desire to fulfill our desires. And at the same time dread that they can be really. We are afraid to be disappointed. I’m afraid that starting with a clean slate, write on it the same story or even worse. You just need to understand: the problem is not outside but inside us. And the main character of the film, every moment coming nearer to this vital statement — changes should occur not in the outside world, and in our hearts. If he comes back to the family? What does it matter if everything is destroyed? And destroyed? It’s a film about us.

8 out of 10

New review: all the fault of the raccoon 31.07.2017

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