New review: All the President’s men 29.07.2017

Director Alan Pakula never miscalculated a movie about how he started the investigation of the Watergate scandal, what is called, in hot pursuit. The recent events outlined in the picture, found a wide response among the public and critical acclaim: the film collected four Oscars, but fascinated by the competition with the “Network” Sidney Lumet, who also talks about the media and about life in the media, has lost the main statue is a simple story about a boxer “rocky”.

But the picture could qualify for the Grand prize! Carefully and painstakingly for over two hours, played an equally careful and painstaking work of the two most famous reporters on the case about the penetration of the unknown into the headquarters of the Democratic party. The creators are moving from small to big, from details to the bigger picture, folding the incredible mosaic of this criminal network inside the most influential power structures, which are designed with the same criminal networks to fight. And like anything bright and entertaining endless travels and conversations of the main characters with numerous sources and officials there, but the ability of the Director to escalate the tension even in such routine matters revealed here to the fullest. Watching this movie in memory immediately POPs up the more modern tapes that no doubt grew out of it. Because without “All the President’s men” would not be the “Zodiac” Fincher, or “In the spotlight” McCarthy. About “Nixon” and “frost/Nixon” is possible not to mention. I used many of the winning techniques of these films back in the mid 70s.

Interestingly, this time is rich in talented cinematic paintings on similar themes. So, Coppola asked the question of conflict of personal experience and professional activities of the employee wiretaps in “the Conversation” and Sydney Pollack in his film “Three days of the Condor” raised the issue of creating parallel structures within intelligence organizations. Society is interested in such. And was it just a momentary fad because of the scandals on the grounds of illegal collection of information or the reason was that because of these scandals, people simply stopped trusting official security agencies, the judge let the historians.

It should be noted that the main role in “Three days of the Condor” played by Robert Redford. And changing the role of a CIA agent, slicing blow, a reporter for the Washington Post, the credibility he lost at all. Dustin Hoffman, embodying the role of Carl Bernstein, and later starred in the film “Trickery”, also a story about the President under threat of impeachment, but in a humorous and ironic vein, politically calm the 90-ies. Well, in the picture Pakuli this atypical couple met and made the audience truly believe them. After all, the emphasis on strong contrast the characters of Redford and Hoffman is not done. Visible their difference in professional terms, the difference between his work and that is enough for a full image of two journalists, wading through the jungle of misunderstanding and silence in search of nuggets of valuable information.

It is unknown when this great work will be completed, and completed it successfully in the end. Heroes are waiting for hundreds of people who do not want to give interviews, thousands of pages of text and dozens of calls with warnings and threats. After this remains only a naked desire to get to the truth. To get to the bottom and submit it in the most sensational manner. In the meantime, work: print, call, meet with sources and to resort to subterfuge to get a little more information.

Despite the fact that we all know what the outcome of this investigation, the final tape can be described as open. It opened on a higher note, purposefully in contrast to the open-ended finale of “Three days of the Condor”, full of uncertainty and “Conversation”, which literally ends on sad notes. Pattern is interesting, but can seem a little outdated more than forty years after its release. However, its contribution to cinema and the talent of the Director this does not change.

8 out of 10

New review: All the President’s men 29.07.2017

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