New review: American dragons 16.06.2017

If you remember, my dear readers, the perfect Thriller Big showdown in little Tokyo? Remember? Then imagine that the action moved to new York, instead of the drug trade confrontation between the Yakuza and the mafia, heroes Ludgren Dolph and Brandon Lee replaced by Michael Bien and Pak Chung-Hoon, one of the main villains of the genre, Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa not sodeistvye generally, and Sergei Kuznetsov does not translate — well, the latter still extra. Presented? Now, try to forget everything that your humble author just wrote for my current Guinea pig is not a plagiarism from his earlier counterpart, and all of the above will only help you tune in the right key, and maybe these analogies in my head appeared, and you have something like this would never have arisen.

So, how realized the film is set in new York who wanted complete control and the Yakuza, and the mafia, and other gangs of different caliber, Yes, but none of them is strong enough to crush or destroy others, and even the police, though, and was wondering if the bandits became smaller, but well aware of what can cause open war, so all the forces and capabilities trying to keep the status quo remained. Well, at least thank you that Russian is not dragged, and that love in Hollywood is a business. But that’s not all this status quo I agree. Someone unknown starts to destroy the top of the Yakuza, and the other, slightly more famous, is mafia — well in that case, you may think that, and the other side, I think, all guessed. The case led to bloodshed, but then two policemen stepped in the story. American and South Korean police of the world, unite!

American Tony Luke played by Michael biehn. By the name of the hero of Italian, but, as everyone knows, Italian actor similar as well as the aforementioned Lundgren Japanese — so we have to explain to everyone that his mother is Irish. He preferred alone, and therefore is not entirely happy, having a partner who came from Seoul, Korea Kim — I must say that the dislike was mutual, especially since the hero of Pak Chung-Hoon immediately began to look mysterious and to keep his American counterpart for a fool. Well, it is quite usual for such stories a turn, they no longer surprise anyone and everyone know in advance what will be their further cooperation. It was evident that the guys played with enthusiasm, and the other for a simple old school action movie and it is not necessary, even though they are capable of more.

In General it was nice to watch — and what in fact can be expected from a film with a plot already in the middle of which it becomes clear the ending? The main thing that was not boring, shootouts, fights and all that the genre relies. But with this the movie is OK, action is quite dosed and no time to get bored, not that some of the Directors he last so long that you can sleep. With the humor here, however, it would be possible, but maybe there is already a translation of disappoint — after all, MVO, and not much more coming up would be the author’s odnogolosy that is, and I hope someday I will be.

If you like old school fighters, and in which the cartridges tend to run out, and the enemies are not provide an example of infinite stupidity, I hope that you will get the same pleasure that your humble author

8 out of 10

New review: American dragons 16.06.2017

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