New review: American gods 19.06.2017

“The gods are great but people are greater. Because of their hearts ‘ the gods are born, and in their hearts they are destined to return.”

As soon as the man was himself, he felt the need to explain certain events that seemed unexplainable: wildfires, floods, thunderstorms, the changing of the seasons and of day and night, and much more. So came the first Gods. Passed times, century succeeded century, folding in the Millennium, the tribes were United, obedient, dying, and the faith of the people changed, changed Gods. Someone was forgotten and died, someone was replaced and received gifts and prayers, instead of giving his grace. But humanity does not stand still. The science went forward, making discoveries and giving explanations where previously ruled by the belief in the supernatural. Now millions of people worship other deities: Progress, Technology, Media, Internet. The old Gods fade into the background. They face oblivion in the world of globalization, information and technology. “Especially when you live in a world of atheists”. The old Gods don’t want to be forgotten, because “death is better than oblivion”, says the Environment, and gathers supporters for the War. And all that divine shit sucked man, the shadow of the moon. He literally refuses to believe his eyes, he asks himself, not in dreams takes all of this garbage, literally fears for his mind, and the mysterious “employer” Mr Environment does not contribute to dispel the clouds over the mind. They travel the country, agitating the surviving gods United to face common enemy. In parallel is the line of the narrative of Laura moon and “Mad Sweeney”, also from series to series, tells the story of a God of antiquity, he believed and how forgot.

“Insane or the world, or you. Both options are good, pick one.”

The series is based on the eponymous book by Neil Gaiman, which takes part in the development of the script with Bryan fuller, the brainchild of which is the gorgeous “Hannibal” Mikkelsen and Dancy. The atmosphere of the book transferred perfectly. Moderately dark, moderately fantastic, a realistic measure. Colorful, fun, mysterious. A sufficient amount of swearing, nudity and sex, but the rating is 18+, as a novel, so everything is Canon. The book was written in the early 2000s, so the series adapted some things for the true reality, mostly with regard to the New Gods. In my opinion, this is logical and true. Technomantic not a fat, bespectacled nerd, and modnenky sleek vaper due to a change of the image of the “human equipment.” In the rest of the developments are quite close to the book, read long ago, with absolute certainty I can not say, but from the first season my impressions are absolutely positive. In principle, in many respects the series and is aimed at those who are familiar with the original even remotely. Because for the average serialopen the narrative is choppy, jumping from story to story, and not fast. Although, of course, is in any case not an argument against the view for those who have not read the book. Because, again, the atmosphere saved brilliantly and it only gets more interesting, the main intrigue is found.

With regards to the technical side — you’ve got to know the style of fuller, where he puts his hand out for a high level of quality. The graphics and style of shooting, colors, storyboard, locations, props, and costume designers work personally, I have again and again cause only aesthetic pleasure. Especially recognizable in the characteristic points of the time-lapse shooting big splash, or scenes of fighting, or just shots of actors, draws a parallel with “Hannibal” in the manner of presenting these shots. Recognizable style. Also adds parallel music Brian Rizelle.

The cast is just wildest racy. And a smile is the idea that fuller had gained the half caste “Hannibal”, because from time to time I see a familiar face in a new role. But all this applies to the secondary characters (although in this episode somehow felt that all the main characters only). The Central roles are played Ricky whittle, the most significant project which the Gods was the TV series “the Hundred” Emily Browning in the role of Laura moon, the charismatic Ian McShane in the role no less charming Mr Environment, and without a doubt has become one of the favorite characters of red Sweeney in the performance of Pablo Schreiber. Gillian Anderson in the role of the Media tried on for season 4, great image, Peter Stormare played with a Slavic accent Chernobog, and Jonathan Tucker even though he was only a couple of episodes, but perfectly remember how low Key and looking forward to more of his screen time next season.

I can only summarize what my expectations from the film adaptation in a series have been fully met, the season was on the level, a good start for the series, I wish him not to slip and I will continue to wait.

P. S. “don’t mess with. These. Bitches. In the airports.”

New review: American gods 19.06.2017

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