New review: American gods 25.06.2017

American Gods is a strange series. It did not save the part of the author of the original book. Gaiman could not in his own idea.

The series is about the confrontation of the new gods (Media, Internet, TV…) and old (Jesus, Odin, Chernobog, the Volcano…) is Good only up to the third series. In the fourth tight forget about the real meaning and motive of the original. Adding, of course, unnecessary, unwarranted love story arc.

And then the series is divided into two completely different series. In one wildly charismatic One collects smaller gods to war. Interesting, but his “assistant” absolute miscast. Shadow knows how to play only confusion, and in the background the incomparable Ian McShane and even pales. And the second coolest ginger leprechaun and “dead wife” bored time. It turns out that I have an interesting story with one good actor and a boring arch with two interesting characters.

And in the end, of course, these two subjects need to bring together. I remember about it at the end of the season. Made crumpled, vulgar and clichéd as well as a ginger Irishman. But he at least evokes interest and emotion…

New review: American gods 25.06.2017

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