New review: Americans 29.09.2017

Americans. 1-4 seasons

For starters let you know that the series was introduced himself as credible by our former illegal immigrant in the United States Andrey Bezrukov in an interview with Brilev. So it can be viewed from a General education point of view to anyone interested in exploration in a broad sense.

From an aesthetic point of view the series is almost perfect: exceptional attention to detail, recreating the time, the perfect consistency of style in clothes and interiors, the actors are attractive enough, but not overly beautiful. Sweetie, not visuals!

Further, all the actors playing the Russians, have Russian language, if not native, then the second, and speak it fluently and understanding the meaning of it. This, of course, fantastic story for American movies about Russians.

But the main dish of the series is an adaptation of the ideas of the Americans about the Russian. I must say that “Ministry of propaganda” the US has reviewed the main ideological direction for this series introduced a new myth of Russia as well as to actively exploit existing ones.

“We are not, this coun—”

In the context of the show this means to show good in fact Russian spies (they have children, and love, and the moral anguish), who’s deceived by the totalitarian regime and therefore heard by their terrible acts against the civilian citizens of America. Right heart must burst from the audience when dear Russian spy poisoning accidentally caught in the operation grandmother-bookkeeper or shooting a truck driver.

“Mysterious Russian soul”

Americans struggle to understand this concept, though probably themselves came up with it, and even harder for them to convey it by means of drama. You have to put in the mouths of the characters dialogues like: “do You want to do?” “Yes. No. I do not know.” Or, for example, to fall in love with one of the characters of the second plan in nasty hook-nosed grouch-physics that it is ready my whole life for him to sacrifice.

“Beat her to other people’s fear”

Hurts the eyes a deliberate juxtaposition of relationship “advice” to its own citizens and to the American defector. If the latter is carefully exfiltrated from the United States, Soviet citizens are supposed to go through all the circles of hell before, after and during your stay in the capitalist country.

“Life in poverty”

On this topic, the creators have ottoptali to complete the program, but again, not without mistakes. For example, the traitor gets some kind of allowance in the sharashka, where she was sent to work instead of prison, eau de Cologne, hairbrush and nylon stockings. Despite the fact that workers sharashka serves coffee to the workplace. Acorn coffee would have been more believable.

If you evaluate the first 4 seasons, the creators were blown away about the middle of the third. But if someone wants to watch later, then brainstorm and fourth, because most of the storylines through.

New review: Americans 29.09.2017

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