New review: Amityville 3-D 28.09.2017

And you know what sex with a Ghost to do?
Yes, it is true…

(approximately the 46th minute of the film)

Amityville 3-D

Not wrote reviews for a few weeks. Rested? And here and there, the whole time I watched this film. No jokes. Two weeks of pure hell. Most interesting is that the movie is an hour and a half. How did this happen? Five minutes off, five minutes off. This is a very bad movie, guys.

Before us the third part of the “Amityville”. They are matched — one of the most miserable franchises in cinema (not the most, but the top 5 will climb — “children of the corn” and “Witchcraft” say Hello) and one of the most needy parts in the franchise. Horror. Well, as Hara-Kiri or a Fatality (take your pick) — the film was shot with 3-d effects.

1983 in the yard. I have a huge number of questions to the creators. The first two parts (which we don’t believe good, one time watch and forget) cash collected. Okay, remove the trilogy, but why it was necessary to dig so deep the bottom? Anywhere look everywhere all at the low level.

The actors — Yes, there looms Meg Ryan, calm. Everyone else is playing poorly (what with the Roberts ow, you lost your emotions?), and the old lady (so young) Ryan appears for a few minutes. A friend’s daughter the main character. Hope you don’t blow it. Although my poster was caught, where it carried on a Central role. Of course, nobody boasts more than.

The Director was not able to set the atmosphere in his film. Movie often breaks down into some very funky pieces. These jumps between the supernatural and science — scored a stake into the heart of “Amityville 3-D”. And it a horror to call it something stupid.

We are afraid of the computer flying flies (stupid black dots, which quickly flicker across the screen). Sure, the ending was cool, but this treshak. Golimy treshak from the ‘ 80s. Hand on heart — they had to put a period after this nightmare! It’s been six years — “Amityville 4”. No comment!

And to finish it completely, I’ll just tell you the story. Fleisher, we all understand that you’re not the coolest but when you suggest to remove in such a scenario, damn — really inside doesn’t ring any bells?

Listen closely — Amityville house sitting scams that allegedly see ghosts (this is after two previous films, yeah). These scams bring clean water to journalists-reporters. A-ha-ha, i.e. the home not touch Scam. Okay, then one of the journalists decides to buy the house to check, but there is actually ghosts or not. All my brain is broken.

“Amityville 3-D” — and you can burn with a blue flame, Z renounces you.


On the sidelines was seen by Robert joy. Not immediately recognize him, but he played my Romero (eternal memory) in the movie “land of the dead”. Yes, the man with a charred face. At least some positive…

2.5 / 10

New review: Amityville 3-D 28.09.2017

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