New review: Angels in America. Part 1: Approaching The Millenium 11.10.2017

A true theatrical giant total duration of two parts and six acts in them in 8 hours. The true test for viewers who want to receive a portion of new cinema – emotions, an unusual experience. Sharing his emotions from going to the movies, I will combine them according to the principle of all holistic product, so as to examine the second part separately from the first means to pull out important context. “Angels in America” — this is the rare case when you will not advise friends or relatives of the recent premiere or when hard to persuade the companion to this hours-long marathon — namely, the timing will be the main reason why most in absentia to disown viewing. Looking ahead, a number of scenes are important, shaping the history, values, and the total duration could easily be reduced by a quarter or even a third. Along with this, it’s like reading an abridged version of the book, losing a logical chain.

The atmosphere of the United States of the 1980s, as indicated in the descriptions — the Reagan ‘ 80s, is supported on several levels, despite the fact that realism is immediately forgotten. Quite materialistic lawyer a Republican, over which laugh in support of the policies of Reagan, here he shares a scene with angels with wings who watch over people on Earth. In addition to frequent attacks against the political preferences within the US, not the least of which is the allusion to communism on the other side of the globe. This contributes to the sharp transition to act II called “Restructuring” — in the sense that the society of America 80-x need a revolution of social consciousness — an act of awakening, which we set up and the main characters.

The author of the original plays of Tony Kushner and the creators of its present setting, it seems, with a passion for challenge a number of stereotypes, prednost unpopular topic taboo. This overt criticism of political beliefs. Religion, in particular, illusions of Judaism, and Mormons, as members of American society. The number of potential viewers, will be eliminated at the stage when it detects that the key motifs of the history will be such topics as homosexuality and AIDS. Five of the six main characters of the play are men gay, two of whom even die from the virus, covered with blue spots. The sixth protagonist — a woman, a Mormon who suffers from mental disorders, swallowing pills and sees visions. Agree, very unusual set of characters, which, nevertheless, interesting to watch.

If to speak more specifically about the characters and actors in Angels in America, during the first couple of hours defines the terms of probation more interesting and the same. As you change chapters, the situation is equalized and the understanding that each of the characters needed for a coherent narrative. If we talk specifically about acting, you should pay tribute to young Andrew Garfield, who recently very correctly chooses the role. He was not afraid to take a controversial image that you will see on stage. The real highlights of “Angels in America”, I would call the two actors. First, this is the woman, Denis Gough, which the scenario turned inside out. And Nathan lane, whom many know from the way the older brother from the Comedy “Mouse hunt”. In addition, it is not many months shooting a movie where the script is divided into dozens of days and hundreds of takes. Here the actors had to learn and rehearse obscenely large segments of the story that is only respect.

In General, the window of the show feel a clear mixture of fatigue and satisfaction. Pleasure from unusual cinema experience, which, though will not repeat even to advise, but which definitely deserves attention and time at least once. While this is one of the most interesting productions of Live Theater format.

7.5 out of 10

New review: Angels in America. Part 1: Approaching The Millenium 11.10.2017

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