New review: Angels of revolution 10.10.2017

Even after a hundred years, we still are ambivalent about the events of the October revolution and the subsequent violent establishment of Soviet power. It is important to understand and remember that this process was not instantaneous, but took a long period of time. In order to instill a love of new order, has made a deliberate attempt to eliminate tradition and culture, inhabiting peoples. Of course, such a policy could not lead to a response, such as the infamous Kazym uprising, interpretation of events which was reflected in the avant-garde historical drama “Angels of revolution”.

Synopsis During a visit to the people’s Commissar for nationalities of the former revolutionary Pauline Schneider manual instructs the task to Shine living in the Kazym Khanty and Nenets in the ideas of Soviet Russia. To help Polina takes friends with the same interests, who, like herself, believed in the revolution. But arrived at the scene inspired by the belief in their own ideals of the characters do not find a proper response from local residents.

The film has a very unusual, but interesting game of actors. First of all, I would like to mention psychedelic game Daria Ekamasova in the role of Pauline, whose bubbling from the early desire to change the nature turned her into an ardent soldier of the revolution, blindly believing in the impossible dream.

Those who are even remotely familiar with the artistic style of the Director Alexei Fedorchenko realize that he is a classic representative of Arthouse film. All his films have a special atmosphere, unconventional presentation and a special message, which permeates the entire film. In the case of “Angels of revolution” we are facing direct criticism directed against the Soviet power. On the one hand, the Director of human alternately presents us with the heroes, giving us to understand that those truly believed in the goodness of what they brought to this world. At the same time a Director with hidden disdain the elimination of traditions of small peoples and their acculturation.

The original “Angels of revolution” was reflected in the scripts of the film. Nonlinear development of the action allows the viewer turns to meet each of the characters, so we learn more about the past of each of them to understand why they gave consent to participate in this task. All of them artists — that a tool that was supposed to break into people’s minds. However, the characters are forced to face the harsh truth that not everyone is ready to make a revolution just because these other by definition live in a different world, does not require change. Not even a symbolic balloon of deerskin, and not filmed on Amateur camera a film about the myths of the Nenets, nor the makeup, nor the other pleasures of life don’t open the door to the complex soul of a small nation.

The result is Definitely “Angels of revolution” — the movie not on the ordinary spectator. Few understand it, few simply overcome. But for all its complexity, significance, abundance of metaphors and allegories in the film has a special trait that makes you reflect on the message that was trying to convey to us the author.

8 out of 10

New review: Angels of revolution 10.10.2017

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