New review: Angry Birds movie 29.07.2016

First, the game “Angry Birds” was great, despite its simplicity. At first she could not break away, but then turned the conveyor, the game fell by the endless sequels that have not cling, as the original game. Perhaps in this regard I don’t expect from the film adaptation of the game. In General, proceed directly to the disassembly.

The cartoon was good, but, unfortunately, at a great height and calculates. In this case one can clearly separate all the pluses and minuses.

The transfer of atmosphere, style and General all components of the game in this case turned out to cheer. All the birds from the game was successfully moved to the cartoon, they are nice to see again. There are many references to the game. Because of this while watching remember with pleasure the hours spent during the game. Particularly ardent fans of the game should remain satisfied with the cartoon.

But now to the main — plot. And now he’s in “Angry Birds movie” is lame. Even speakers in the cartoon no, if you compare for example with the “Ice ages 3-4” or “Madagascar 3”. Once all disposable. Only if you relax on the full program, then in principle such a plot may be enough. Perhaps the creators can otmazatsya that they had to introduce viewers to the world in General, “Angry Birds”, but in the sequels supposedly will not fail and the plot. Well, let’s see…

With humor, too, things are bad. The cartoon is full of very stupid and generally does not cause even the slightest smile vulgar humor. All the “humor” (quotation marks are not accidental) is associated with the ass, well, normal humor in the cartoon just yet. For some reason many say that the cartoon for adults. Want to say that children and primitive vulgarity to be funny to an adult?

But perhaps that is due to a characters cartoon all the same looks with a little fun. Each has its own charisma of the original, particularly original and memorable turned Bombs.

Graphics in my opinion are not worse than in “Zeropolis”. Given that this is the first cartoon is not outstanding and still aspiring Studio Rovio Animation”, graphics is definitely worth praise.

In General, “Angry Birds epic” is not enough the stars from the sky, but single view he is worthy. If not for the lame story and frankly bad humor, cartoon would be great. The creators wanted to introduce viewers to the world of “Angry Birds” and just reveal the conflict between birds and pigs, in connection with which the cartoon was tight narrative framework. In the sequel, such excuse no longer ride, so hoping for the best waiting for him.

6.5 out of 10

New review: Angry Birds movie 29.07.2016

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