New review: Anna Karenina 08.06.2017

The film “Anna Karenina” on motives of the novel, beloved Tolstoy. Director Joe Wright.

The plot of the famous:a young, brilliant officer Vronsky(Aaron Taylor-Jones),meets his mother, who came from St. Petersburg, where he meets Anna Karenina, a married woman, the wife of statesman – Karenina. Passion erupts between them, an overwhelming desire, which later forces Anna to make a choice between family and lover, to go against society, stereotypes, rules. In the end her death and the impossibility of further opposition.

Perhaps the main idea of this adaptation, it is to show the evils of society, the stereotyping, the disastrous influence of the masses to the individuality, the habit of people to wear masks, life in General the swamp, and in contrast to all other people, ones that can go against the system

Actually, after watching the film the first time, I did not appreciated it. But while reviewing, found in it its own charm, a new look at the novel. Very impressed with the form of theatrical conventions, butteriest. All scenes shot with a theatrical impress with luxurious and well-adjusted. Perhaps this is done to show, closer to the Russian classical theater Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, enter into the atmosphere of the Russia of the society and it can to characteristics of the society in which she lived Anna, his masanotti, hypocrisy, depravity, unwillingness to show mercy and understanding, but loving conviction, sometimes pushing on sin, society, who need scapegoats. Well as in my subjective opinion, this technique is even introduced to contrast Anna’s life to love with Vronsky and after, to show the puppet of her life up to this point, and the reality of after. I must say that the line Levin held no theatrical paraphernalia.

It seemed to me that despite this unusual selection of actors, they were convincing and showed the characters from a new angle. Very impressed with Jude law, had not seen his dramatic work in film, his Karenina in a measure restrained and shown as a man loving and forgiving.

The film has a lot of awards. There are even separate costumes. Oscar awarded music composer Dario, Marianelli, she plunges into the atmosphere and keeps it until the end. Even for music, costumes, beauty shots and scenery, worth seeing picture.

I can say that watching “Anna Karenina,” in this interpretation, one can experience different emotions and different attitudes to the film, but will not remain indifferent.

New review: Anna Karenina 08.06.2017

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