New review: Anna Karenina. History Vronsky 12.06.2017

I love the novel “Anna Karenina”, so curiosity took over and I went to the cinema to see what we offer both domestic Directors. I will say that I expected the worst, but in my opinion 90% of the actors fit to their roles, especially Elizaveta Boyarskaya, I didn’t believe her (given that she played love with her real husband Maxim Matveev, who played Vronsky). In General, the line of relationship shows a very crumpled and consists only of vague conversations taken out of context of the book. About the dialogues I have a separate question, who wrote the text of the script and why almost all phrases are broken, they say he hit upon the idea unnatural or repeats the same phrase twice?

Looks very silly and unrealistic. “History Vronsky” I do not see nothing new introduced, their feelings, sufferings, nothing is solved. Very sorry that the secondary characters almost there, and it is through them we have to reveal human nature of Anna and Vronsky. I want to praise for the idea to show us the film, like memories, also I like shooting of military action, racing, the whole entourage of the era is very well transferred. The film is not filled with the drama did not feel the actors are not believed. Put more or less positive rating for the picture quality and the idea.

5 out of 10

New review: Anna Karenina. History Vronsky 12.06.2017

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