New review: Anna Karenina. History Vronsky 15.06.2017

I saw “Anna Karenina” in the movie. After the session mom said that the film was edited after the series, which already went on TV and put on the big screen. Well, apparently, decided to reach out to those not watch TV like me.

Why I went for this movie? The story is old, but still does not lose the romantic atmosphere, the film adaptation is always interesting. I wanted a new read, maybe to see the heroes on the other hand, to become clearer, dearer, closer to what film I got. I remember charming outfits and hairstyles (thank makeup — tried), stunning scenery, buildings, the environment — thanks to the decorators. But I waited for the sensual drama between the main characters: disappointed. No, I do sympathize and Boyar Matveyev since I saw the documentary “will tell”, where they first appeared together and where spun their own novel. Then their game was touching, then I fell in love with their love story (I recommend the boyar there is Death). Well, now… I saw a crumpled sloppy series, the main feeling between Anna and Vronsky is not transmitted from the screen. Anna appears to some kind of neurotic, and we don’t read Tolstoy for a long time would have wondered how, why, why is she acting like this? I admire Boyar as beautiful, but not as an actress, which is sad. The same with Vronsky. It would seem that Matveyev should be easier, because in the film it and play it is not necessary:his mistress — wife. But it is “frozen”, I do not tremble all inside when I see their first meeting, first dance. So what Anna has snapped inside which tormented her thoughts, as she decided to betray her husband — that’s the most interesting thing in the film. Very catchy, it would seem that the last scene on the platform, faces and emotions of Anna here are simply not included, and as we would like! Generally, lovely and deep “in the subject line” Karenin: he causes me all the more sympathy and respect. The most memorable character. Definitely after the movie went to re-read Tolstoy — like plus. Be better to find their own interpretation of the story of the two lovers.

Rating: 7 — on account of recreating the atmosphere, costumes. The idea to reunite the couple Matveev in life so-so, but sorry.

New review: Anna Karenina. History Vronsky 15.06.2017

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