New review: Anna Karenina. History Vronsky 26.06.2017

Gorgeous directed by Shakhnazarov. The storyline worked perfectly on a thick, almost the same as the product of the genius of Leo Tolstoy. By the way, finally, the appearance and overall created a Boyar the way the main character more or less fit the description of classic.

But on the topic of the Russo-Japanese war, there are a few “buts”… for Example, not only do I believe that the role of 50-year-old Vronsky would have been better to find an actor older than the young to make up clumsily. Yes there make-up, manners and the liveliness of the movements too conspicuous, giving, to say the least, the lack of work Matveeva on the way. It is strange that Shakhnazarov did not notice…

And what are those of place and out of place pacifist speech overs? Well, why so Intrusive? It’s not the program Solovyov. Here the spectator needs to believe, he’ll be charmed, — but no, the Director decided to lecture people to read

In General, about the line Veresaeva, do not believe. War failed.

And for the work of one of favorite classics — over “Crime and punishment”. Tolstoy — you will not regret

9 out of 10

New review: Anna Karenina. History Vronsky 26.06.2017

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