New review: Anna Karenina. History Vronsky 27.07.2017

I watched the TV series and film version. Different movies, to watch is both. I love the novel and reread it many times, and remember the text. Moreover, I watched probably all of his famous movies. And last put above all the previous. Of course, there is only one storyline — story of a love triangle, which after almost half a century still excites and draws us. I remember all the “movie-Anne”, but Boyarsky, probably for the first time played a woman is really a strong and extraordinary, able to take decisions and make choices. Not driven, but lead. Willing to sacrifice, but to require in response only. And her words — “I have nothing, except you, remember that” — not a complaint and not a prayer, but it is the requirement. “All or nothing”. And, realizing that “all” is impossible, she will prefer the “nothing” that frees her from the eternal fear of loss of love and will be the eternal punishment for those who loved her as much as she wanted. Unexpectedly, this far woman in the film Shakhnazarov is absolutely close and clear today. And this eternal conflict between two types of love — male and female. And the conflict between the idea of virtue, duty and responsibilities — on the one hand and love, not recognizing morality and virtue in their walking sense on the other. It is possible that many did not accept the refusal of the Director from “family thoughts” of the writer, which he put in his novel. You just have to accept that the film Shakhnazarov — not an adaptation of the novel. This is the look on only one line, abandoned thirty years later.

And in my opinion “design” of the film is almost perfect, and a military theme, which to many seems far-fetched, it seems to me, and justified, and organic. In the same way as the Chinese girl that can “solve” on your own — a reminder of the daughter, the same loneliness, and Vronsky, because they are drawn to each other, “peace, peace and quiet” Chinese temples, where he hopes to find release from guilt, so typical of the Russian mentality and alien to the contemplative wisdom of China… I see the film wonderful acting from the main characters to little Seryozha and Annushka. A remarkable and wonderful work of the artists, the costumes, the scenery just amazing. And amazing music. The film Shakhnazarov deep, it is possible to find so much to write about it for a long time, but I’m not a critic, but a mere spectator and offer to do it to the professionals.

10 out of 10

New review: Anna Karenina. History Vronsky 27.07.2017

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