New review: Anthropoid 28.09.2017

The emotions after watching the film enhances the music for the credits. It is scary that this actually happened and people have seen it all. The Director is quite famous and coped with the task. Everything looked realistic, faded walls and the wailing of the violin is immersed in a difficult time, he settled hopelessness. This picture was not dull or “snotty romantic”. To turn into a farce, the filmmakers did not, for which many thanks to them.

Always struck in such films as expertly chosen anti-heroes, because “the Germans” really were like the Germans, the true Nazis if you want. Gray face, sharp vzgdyad.

Cillian Murphy played so perfectly the whole depth of his beautiful eyes showing a desperation that worried him a hero. Indeed, the courage of these people was extraordinary. It was nice to see the Irish, though very famous, starring, not “worn-out” Hollywood brutal, once again saving the world. The painting was kept in suspense, did not fall into the mainstream, while maintaining their individuality. Recommended for fans of dramatic lines.

New review: Anthropoid 28.09.2017

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