New review: Ares 10.06.2017

The film describes one of the variants of development (degradation) of civilization to 2040 years. Hero of the story selected brutal man, a former hero of the championship “fierce battles” with the nickname “Ares” — laconic living earn a living after held 10 years ago a major defeat and is now located on 600 lines of the rating. Picture of the world around him shows the darkest (permanently night or dusk): corporations rule everything, human life is worth nothing, around the dirt, decay (except of course the rich areas), constantly to distract the population on the big screens broadcast the “brutal” fights.

Like future we have seen many times in many futuristic movies. The issues of doping received a simple solution: along with the name of the speaking soldier called the manufacturer of the stimulator. And that such firm is interested in our character to promote his new stimulant, which have critical deficiencies.

Then tell meaningless, because the plot is rather predictable and trivial. Let me just say that Ares, thanks to the love of his only close relatives of the Mercantile, “my business” sullen dork to the end of the movie turns into the symbol of the revolution, like the famous hero of the 50-ies of the 20th century.

Nothing in this new film to see it was not necessary, but “glad” is quite real scenes of a possible future, hinting that the world capital is unable to offer humanity any way but apocalyptic.

4 out of 10

New review: Ares 10.06.2017

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