New review: Arrhythmia 22.10.2017

“Arrhythmia” is the best Russian film this year (IMHO). Yes, the Oscar-nominated “Dislike”, but this is due to the fact that Zvyagintsev’s film is more close and understandable to the foreign audience (not to mention the “Cramped” Balagova), and the Director has been recognized in the world of cinema. Picture Khlebnikov’s not so loud and assertive. However, it is closer to the viewer, warmer for him. And “Dislike”, and “Arrhythmia” tell about the Russian reality, but still reality “Arrhythmia” is accepted willingly.

A film about the life routine, on the burnup of the person. The main characters — two doctors, a husband and wife. Already some interest, simply because of gratitude to the profession, the aim of which is to save lives. The plot is built around family conflict. A tiny Studio apartment, the husband is drinking, problems at work make a couple turn on each other. It all leads to divorce. Here “Arrhythmia” resonates with the above-mentioned “Dislike”. But in the film Khlebnikov in advance we can predict that the story will not be tragic and harsh.

In parallel with the line of the family develops professional story, where the characters also suffer from sickly nerves. The system pressure, does not operate normally. The bosses require perfect execution pointless (and sometimes harmful) orders. The character, played Yatsenko, tries to resist the current [imp]order. It works on conscience, not on the Charter. Here the viewer will see a lot of life, sometimes funny, scenes, the Director made it so that pressing situation became funny (without the anxious moments will not be missed). Zvyagintsev shows that the imperfection only surrounds us — it’s not so bad; not everything can be perfect.

The film is a sea of emotions. During many scenes tears: so real they played. However, his eyes glisten against the touching, the smiles and feelings of internal flight.

The issues raised (family quarrels, drunkenness, burocrates in the country, etc.) do not drown out the overall softness of the film. “Arrhythmia” gently tells the story of our lives, in that advantages of the work: it is possible to watch the surrounding daily life.

9 out of 10

New review: Arrhythmia 22.10.2017

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