New review: As Vic the Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in a nursing home 11.10.2017

Watching the development of our cinema in recent years, unwittingly come to believe that all Russian Directors write a final essay on the topic: “My thoughts about Russia.”

And if the last competitive victory loud and prizes associated with the name of Andrei Zvyagintsev, the country is sick with people and images — “abandon all hope ye who enter here”, the young Director Alexander hunt offers us his conception of man from the provinces.

The main characters, as references of the bottom of our society: the father — a repeat offender, lawbreaker, lived a life deprived of the minimum of the moral foundations, placed in a state of polubomu. Son: a worthy continuation of genetics dads — work at a waste recycling plant, daily drinking, wedding shotgun, the dull routine of a provincial town with all the attributes of a wretched life. So it would seem to be not fertile, almost dead soil, the efforts of the Director, begin to grow shoots of love and kindness. Yes, they are sometimes ugly as ugly heroes ‘ souls, distorted by years of reality, but authors love their characters, and we gradually learn to love them. The whole conventional story of novobrachnoi family in the path, in fact, does not matter. Travel adventure and gangster line a little SAG, but does not change the main meaning: in every person, in the most lost and impaired individual, there is a place of light, a place of love.

The tears of a father, tears of the son, as a sign of repentance, as a symbol of forgiveness as the best that there is in the Russian soul. Remember everyone’s favorite quote from “Boomer”- “not we such, life such”.

Special thanks to the Director for the ending. Ask any person who watched the movie: “Vic left or came back?”, and you get test ready with an answer to the question: “What dominates in your soul, anger or good?”

Rating: a solid 6, plus 1 for a triple debut. A plus for playing Eugene Tkachuk: which consecutive film with this actor, a surprising variety enclosing his identity images.

7 out of 10

New review: As Vic the Garlic was carrying Lech Pin in a nursing home 11.10.2017

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