New review: Attention, turtle! 18.06.2017

But for such a good, fun, very cute movie for children to Rolan Antonovich immense thank you! It was one of the earliest films that I watched and realized something. Did you watch the replay many times.

The film is about children, about their love of animals, about their mistakes and how these mistakes to learn. The kids here are real, genuine, no overacting. Tanya Samokhina pity the boat, because the sea is so big, and the boat is so small. Vova Vasilev loves food, and loves animals. And bullies Didenko and Manukyan are constantly stuck in some kind of adventure, then trash, then a shirt, then the gunpowder was invented. But it all started with a turtle. But these little sherochka with masherochkoy Ella and Bella, but the beauty, love Manukian, teasing Didenko.

Children’s stupidity knows no bounds. I confess, I am also 7 years very ghostly knew how the world works. Mostly, of course, knew the school was a good student, by the way. But he would have never thought to put the turtle’s tank.

But this kind of innocent stupidity, which, however, sometimes ends badly. Here… but you know what ended the adventures of the children and turtles!

Now, of course, looks a bit strange, what is this teacher in the first “B”, why is Anna so soft and too democratic? Why the doctor loves hygiene to such an extent that this harmless hobby is not dodged and Vovka Didenko? Why girls wear such short dresses? Why did the teacher singing voiceless? And children too independent!

Very funny scene with grandma Vova-funtik, as she arranged physical activities and training during the lesson Anna Sergeyevna.

And the scene with turtle, tank, Vova-pound dress Tanya Samokhina on the contrary, very dramatic.

In General, all who did not look — look! You will not regret never!

10 out of 10

New review: Attention, turtle! 18.06.2017

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