New review: Avatar 31.07.2016

About the Avatar, I heard in a long time, but it did not reach watching the movie. I didn’t expect that the film will be so interested. 2.5 hours flew by like 10 minutes.

About the film

XXII. Due to the lack of resources of the Earth people go to another planet to find unobtanium – a rare and valuable stone. A former marine (and now wheelchair users) Jake Sully is sent to Pandora (a planet that inhabit the local 5-meter inhabitants – the Na’vi). From the DNA of Jake and the na’vi DNA to create the Avatar is an artificially grown na’vi hybrid. Jake was instructed to persuade the na’vi to move from deposits of unobtanium. The avatar should be controlled mentally. Jake’s consciousness is connected to the avatar. Jake in avatar body, he meets with local residents, but move they do not intend to. Then people decide to engage in business technique. Jake and some other people decide to side with the na’vi.

The pros and cons

Pros). Residents the na’vi. The aliens are shown beautiful and unusual. Man-cats, you can say so.

The Fauna Of Pandora. Unusual animals, dragons, dragon-horses.

Cool idea to connect avatars with hair from animals and plants.

Language vicev. Language is thought over very carefully. By the end of the film even began a little to understand their speech.

Time. For the time allotted for the film managed to show the whole story. There are movies where everything is too compressed, or Vice versa waiting, when it will end. Everything in moderation.

A lot of pluses-you name it!

Cons (or rather minus).

Flora Of Pandora. Flora Pandora very similar to Earth. The same green trees. Green grass. Though blue had to do.

But despite the less GREAT movie

10 out of 10

P. S would 15 out of 10…

P. P. S Waiting for the continuation of the film.

New review: Avatar 31.07.2016

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