New review: Away 09.06.2017

The strangeness of what is happening — the main adhesive tape, an exciting attention to their borders discomfort. This is what makes us feel the “stickiness” of the situation, the impossibility to stop the movie and get out of a country house along with the main character.

What appears before us in all its tenderness and softness that seems at first a romantic story of two Yin-Yang hearts, first shake from our eyes the veil of romance a failed game of chance(if by chance the case?), subjecting us to the unpleasant spectacle on the way home. And this “swallow-news” — nothing but a warning sign; observe the heavy breathing of the animal, the prophetic vision of forthcoming reality the lack of air, far in the depths of consciousness, somewhere the sun can’t reach, and therefore oxygen is not going to happen.

And having made a road in the literal sense of the word, the black guy will be forced to forget about such concepts how “literal” and “understanding”. For a short by our standards, but significantly long grueling period of time, the only regarding the actual pivot point will be his ingenuous distant and more familiar place to lean will serve as the arms of the chair in which his body is enclosed as firmly as his weak soft spirit is limited to the material confined within the body.

This movie touches on serious topics, avoiding direct discussion of them(well, almost). But the attentive viewer enough to understand how the picture presents itself, in the thought, which she suggests the viewer, as Chris suggests Armitage older the antlers. Musical instruments with their exciting and metallicheski sharp sound was fuel to the fire unfolding before our riveted eyes of horror. Peel, whose name I heard for the first time, not committed to the revolutionary image of the scene in the Thriller, but his fresh accents — a clear breakthrough in the genre lately. I love the unusual sense of horror that he Drank in a hurry to sow in the hearts of this picture, with the actions of people at the beginning of thinking, and even humor, living in the modern world as you do; but in the aggregate, collected on open spaces adjacent to the house, reaching (and driving) to madness with his hladinou and anyone who is not numbered among their ranks and not connected with them by kinship, incomprehensible !real! absence. It is like slowly acquires the magnitude of the sect, creates conditions for increasing the confident feeling surrounding you, the common man, the plot, and accompanies the opening of secret doors, and where are stored the most inaccessible to awareness, but the most interesting riddles with a guess. And for this effect to the Director an enthusiastic “Bravo!”. Originally, within the genre, but with complete use of everything that the genre implies and offers to use. Game of actors — a special place for the expression of admiration. The film does not dare not to advise and offend assessment.

10 out of 10

New review: Away 09.06.2017

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