New review: Away 24.06.2017

This film is a real contradiction klishirovannyh horror movies. Although this film is a Thriller with elements of Comedy. Still loved how the creators of the movies are played with the color. I like this style it reminds me of the movie “It” of 2014″ which also played with RED and BLUE color. Although the movie involved Off and hate the other colors.

I think you understand that you need to pay attention to BLUE and RED, they will serve as a small hint, what’s going on (well, I understand).

We can say that the movie has an unexpected twist, though unexpected, it is difficult to call, as it takes large hints. Now I want to come back to the movie “the Cabin in the woods” where also present an unexpected twist, but throughout the film make bold allusions to the finals. If you watched the Hut, I think you will understand me.

When you watch it, think about why they react to the main character, is tied a slight twist.

Meanings hidden in this film abound.

I think that all said and without spoilers. I’m just impressed and decided to roll, so here’s a small review.

I hope it will help someone in choosing what to watch tonight.

Thanks for the read.

New review: Away 24.06.2017

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