New review: Baby on the drive 01.10.2017

When Director Edgar Wright announces start of shooting a new picture every cinephile must circle in red on the calendar the day of the premiere. The author of the most undervalued film of the Millennium “Scott pilgrim vs. the world” and the killer “Type steep pointers”, “Zombie named Sean” and extremely charming, but still fun “Armagedda”. Can not a man to lose face, especially with such a custom, which has managed to gather under the wing “of the Baby drive” (“Baby Driver”)

A young boy named the Kid (Baby) is the hypostasis of God driving the car. Yes, that’s just messed with the wrong company: the hijackings, the raids on banks and other amenities of life of a noble criminal. Acquaintance with the charming Deborah, guarantee the boss to release him from this vicious circle and the new tracklist in my iPod promise to start a new life. Yeah, dreaming.

We are dealing with perhaps the best film in 2017. Impossibly cool actors (Kevin spacey, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm and future stars Ansel Elgort and Lily James) in all 100500 used to the role sparkling, scary, crazy characters. Lethal chases scenes make you forget about the existence of the fast and the Furious and Need for Speed. Sharpened but very fresh directing Wright leads the viewer on the script, breaking and mocking all genres (except horror, OK). And the Musical elements in this constellation Shine brighter than the rest. The fact that the cooler soundtrack “Guardians of the Galaxy”, it was clear even in the original playlist. But how musical was “the Kid”. Graceful passages+virtuoso montage gluing=excellent contender for the title of “the Musical of the decade” (tomatoes fans of La La land already Otterlo). If Hazell asked a new framework that heroes are not required to sing well and dance, Wright expanded it even further: you can not sing and not dance at all! Idiotic-sounding on the monitor screen, the slogan turns into the Real in the cinema. Brilliant.

I can’t find a single category of people, which this picture may not like it. A cocktail of dozens of ingredients, served by a talented bartender: enjoy.

New review: Baby on the drive 01.10.2017

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