New review: Baby on the drive 10.10.2017

Viewing this film was postponed for a long time. Painfully, I don’t really like the taste of trailer, and the idea with the robberies have become so jaded in the industry of cinema that I want to look anywhere, but not on another crime with a brilliant driver. Examples of crazy racing from police after a robbery, that’s enough. Immediately comes to mind is “Carrier” with Statema, “Drive” with Gosling, and maybe “the Robbery in Italian”.

The authors obviously tried to make this movie like no other and make it less cliched. And the truth is, their approach was quite original.

Is the main character “Baby” and he really breaks the system and is the original hero, and all around it is a typical thugs and criminals. The hero of Kevin spacey — a typical boss and employer, and all other secondary characters are also not peculiar. Including the beloved “Baby,” is familiar to all of us waitress from hundreds of previously viewed movies.

In the center of the world is “the Kid” and he turns the world on all sides like a record player. But it only seems so. We’re watching a movie about a man who does not feel the heaviness and the burden of responsibility on himself, and the whole environment for it as a stand-up mannequins in stores.

I would venture to Express his observation:

About half of the film was noticeable unusual effects. Car racing, recklessness and brakes screeching have not been fully embellished low and heavy sounds. That is, the race itself looked lightweight. Transmitted to the audience music from the headphones “Baby” overlap all the power of the chase. And the farther the story went, the quieter the music became, and the stronger sounded the roar of the engines. But if it was created intentionally and it’s not just my speculation, it is necessary to Pat this beautiful idea of the founders.

As for the music, it is great, playful and funny, but not memorable. It has the topic, but no tracks which will napivaetsya in the shower or the car. In the example of the song “Nightcall” from “Drive”

The film “Little drive” similar to the “Drive” in many ways. But the main difference in the atmosphere. Film with Gosling was heavy, sad and sometimes depressing and at the same time life. And this picture is trying to combine incongruous — seriousness and lack of seriousness. Everything “Baby” behave appropriately male fighter, and as mentioned above, the guy in the headphones violates the life of criminals and dilutes the hard-rock pop music.

A notable disadvantage of the film is its ending. Not need to be an expert to see the similarity of this film with “Kingsmen”, this crazy shooting style, apparently, is transmitted by air. However, in the “Kingsmen” the whole movie was like a parody of a Thriller, and here these dances are absolutely not justified. 20 minutes before the end is a wild thrash. And ponder the logic of the events more difficult than to understand the meaning of the movie “eraserhead” Lynch.

The plot of the film is sparse and to discuss it is almost nothing like the story itself. All of these robberies-plan was fully revealed in the game GTA5.

The actors are good. Jamie Foxx is trying to show itself, sometimes too much. Kevin spacey again showed outstanding acting. If I noticed that Lily James, who plays the waitress, very similar to Medcen Erik, also plays a waitress in the TV series “twin Peaks”?! But it doesn’t matter, the actress is good, but more than nothing to say about it.

Director Edgar Wright is no stranger in the business. And despite the fact that he was one of the sponsors and Directors hated me “Grindhouse” he made a great black Comedy “hot fuzz” and “Zombie by the name of Sean”.

The film “Little drive” is not revealed to the world something new, not shown honed old. Attract some unique developments and ideas. He fits the definition of “film at one time.” On spent, on this “one time”, the time is not regret, but also a pleasant residual effect are not available.

7 out of 10

New review: Baby on the drive 10.10.2017

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