New review: Baby on the drive 27.09.2017

The movie is totally mediocre, to sleep while watching not like it, but this avalanche of positive feedback from critics around the world forced to write a negative review. Well, not to praise only seen a couple of really spectacularly shot chases. Yes, let so, but that’s exactly the case when neither the high cost of the car is the ornament of the scenes, and it is the driving style — a spit in the glossy side of “fast & Furious”.

Annoyed by the silly main character, especially his childlike. He rides armed robbery and each time poses the offended grimace at the sight of the weapon. But if it suddenly strelnet, painfully clutching at his heart. His nickname “the Kid”, but he’s not a kid anymore, it’s on the exterior, apparently a nickname given level of intelligence. All on the backdrop of all these mastodons acting (spacey, Foxx etc.), it looked like the black sheep, which is very far from the title of the protagonist. But it is not only weak in the charisma of the actor, but in a poorly written character, because one stupidity and incomprehensible disabled enough to disclose the nature.

All together screaming about the directing skills, his unique style, it may be so, but this picture does not serve as an example. Nothing special, completely ordinary shooting another Hollywood project. Sometimes even boring.

The film can be recommended to view, it is now in Vogue — in the frame constantly playing music, there is an extravagant (for the poor), the protagonist, is the love, easy going, all set for youth viewing. But I’m not at that age, so the time wasted.

Anyone Yes I wish pleasant viewing!!!

New review: Baby on the drive 27.09.2017

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