New review: Batman and Robin 30.06.2017

To paraphrase a wise Kikabidze, “my enemies — my wealth”. In fact, it is his extraordinary achievement to arouse someone’s anger, so passionate that you feel the most hated representative of the human race. Not a thief, Stashevsky wallet, not a ladies ‘ man who seduces a wife, and you. About how to live with such a burden, Joel Schumacher could write an undoubted bestseller, but rather following the example of noncommissioned officer’s widow flogged himself — say, we are all sinners. Explanatory overdue will not do “Batman and Robin” decent movie, but look at his problem with shut off switch emotions will help. How else not to deprive of attention and more important culprits epileptic tent?

Do you know what the original method often created student teams of KVN? Through ads, sometimes hanging almost near flushing cisterns, like: “are you Kidding me? Laugh??? Come!!!” Apparently, the leadership of Warner Bros. in a similar way admonished Schumacher, being in euphoria of the lucrative “Batman forever.” What usually happens if prone to outrageous Director left uncontrolled with complete creative freedom? That’s right: the Wife of a sample of “Alien: Resurrection”, the current Bay, Emmerich, or gay propaganda under the guise kinokomiksa. Making of the Dark knight and Robin in the undone lovers, Schumacher cut off his path of retreat, but at the same time become a performer, not an ideologue. Said the boss: “Eat, drink, walk, party, party!” he diligently did. Perversely ingenious invention. Although, the bat-credit card — it’s really funny, though not as Schwarzenegger with a shaved skull.

No denying “high” directing of merit, we have to make allowances for trivial luck: in the line “designig” villains Mr. freeze poison Ivy does not occupy prominent places. They are in the comics only picturesque in appearance, and, terrible to say, very fit to glamouranna defender of Gotham. In the world of triumphant gloss pomeshivaya Symphony reminding myself at every turn, could not be someone serious in opposing camps. Another thing is that the failed sense of proportion, terrible giperplazirovannom and ostentatious bad taste to vaccinate is impossible, and they obviously were born before the Schumacher. Once on the beneficial air, coupled with the desire to push a little more all at once, these qualities come in handy for memorial services for the old evil Bats. It’s good that it in a coffin laid, but instead of nails garland took not die completely.

Meet bad movies, depending on who angrily realize how tough they could be on the Director’s part. In the case of “mouse and birdie” even that doesn’t work, Schumacher managed an element of drama to turn into a do not sew the edge of the sleeve. Dying from a fake disease Butler, who exchange love vows with the owner — and in gay porn rare sight. And what was the need to make future. refleksiruyuschy bikers will be able to answer only repulsed fans segovskogo Road Rash. Such necklacesthe, tragic and comical, is the whole film, leaving in between to marvel at the limitless imagination of Director. Perhaps the worst could be, if only Schumacher had the idea to combine a bunch of monkeys with grenades and stand-level care about the “new Russian grandmas”.

In the moving spiral of life there are weird patterns. Don’t be “Batman and Robin” is so bad, not if he were a shock to the fans, most likely, would not be born novinska trilogy. The law of conservation of energy in action, and in addition and eternal sports principle: there is no glorious victories, no shameful defeats. Honestly, the film does not deserve the label of one of the worst of all time. He did not demolish any career, and his current oblivion someone is bound rather their own stupidity. Well, he is the sworn enemy “designova” caliper put a lot of good films to consider him only paganisim mediocrity. It is more appropriate to say that people just got the wrong Studio door. Joel Schumacher was crimson enough from the addressable hatred, it’s time for a forced redemption. Ultimately, the film and its particular use is not without. For twenty years, any taking for comic strip worker can see how not to film. To some, however, still does not reach, but more on that next time.

The case is shelved.

New review: Batman and Robin 30.06.2017

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