New review: Batman begins 20.06.2017

As a rule, the restarts and the remakes of old films turn out hideous parodies of time-tested hits. But not in this case. This film gave odds to all film about Batman made earlier.

In the late ‘ 80s Tim Burton showed phantasmagoric Gothic image of Gotham, where the hopelessness and the darkness were an integral part of the story. Later Joel Schumacher with a run buried “Batman” with their sequels, making a Noir comic book in the carnival of colors, for which he was bitterly hated as fans of “the Dark knight” and ordinary moviegoers. Of course on further attempts it was decided to forget. It is understandable that so disgraced, you should still try.

But after a few years in the Director’s chair sits a master of his craft — the inimitable Christopher Nolan. The approach of a man to his work is worthy of respect. He decided not to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and manages to create something different, his interpretation of the famous story by combining conventional genres — action, Thriller, crime and leaving from the old traditions, only familiar with the suit. In the end, low fantasy, high realism, which is clearly intended for an adult audience. Before us is not adaptation of a comic book, but a serious philosophical movie with attributes of a powerful blockbuster.

Together with his brother Jonathan Nolan have worked very hard on the script. In the film there is no superfluous scenes, and each episode serves to further a logical sequence to the storyline.

Impressive the birth of the main character, which obviously was lacking in the previous films. It shows the formation, first steps, victories and failures. Under the guise of the self-proclaimed defender of his native city he administers justice, inducing fear and terror to the evildoers. Nobody knows who hides behind the mask of the bat, but every criminal wants to meet him face to face.

Gotham classic American city, which collected the greatest evils of any society: corrupt cops, corruption, murderers and mafia. Naturally, in such a fertile soil was required to grow a new hero. And it appears…

The cast is great. Incomparable Christian bale perfectly accustomed to the role of Batman. His character changes and develops from a confused billionaire, eager for justice, but does not understand that justice is not tied to revenge, to the man, realizing the complexity of his chosen path. I am glad that Bruce Wayne doesn’t have any superpowers that make him invulnerable, but only achieves workouts, willpower, and of course the fancy technical equipment. Since the General color pattern, mostly dark, dark, hero, surrounded by an aura of mystery perfectly in this situation and gives the film a certain charm.

RA’s al Ghul — the head of the terrorist organization trained professional killers “League of shadows”. Great colorful villain, brilliantly played by Liam Neeson.

Also remember the attractive Katie Holmes (Rachel), chic Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) and the most interesting character of Killian Murphy — the Scarecrow (sorry that it is not revealed until the end). And Yes, in one scene there was that same feeling when I saw little Joffrey Lannister!

Frankly, the film is, of course, the weakest of the entire trilogy. But the fact that kolanowska Batman cannot be considered separately. All three films form a single whole, a kind of mini-series. Given this, the film is definitely good.

Thus, we can conclude that departing from the comic strips and removing the full movie, Nolan turned a seemingly dying franchise in the right direction. Completely removing all the grotesque, adding elements of post-Apocalypse and creating a realistic superhero that could exist in our time.

“Batman begins” — a very exciting, dramatic and informative film, shot with unprecedented scale and breathtaking from head to toe.

Worthy “the Beginning” is one of the best kinotrilogii the 21st century.

Your viewing pleasure can not be avoided.

10 out of 10

New review: Batman begins 20.06.2017

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