New review: Batman: the killing joke 30.07.2016

Respect to a suitable source — the key to success. And the killing joke” — a clear example of this.

A small digression. The killing joke” is, first and foremost, a graphic novel created by the infamous Alan Moore in 1988. This novel is considered a classic, and no wonder, for he had a huge impact on the DC universe, becoming a source of inspiration for many people, for example Tim Burton or Hit Lider.

Comic book source, to me, wonderful and interesting. And galvnoe — short that does not give you bored during the reading. But in the context of this cartoon is more of a minus than a plus. Stretch the timing of the “Jokes” for an hour or more is simply impossible, so the creators of the cartoon to finish there are several scenes that complements, but does not distort the essence of the original. As for the rest — it’s that MS is the “joke”, as in the original, except that the story is less dark and detailed, well, it is understandable.

HOWEVER! BUT there is one! Even with as stretched the plot of the cartoon “the killing joke” is only the second half hour. The first half hour we have devoted a whole other story. Whether we like it or not — we have to admire directly on Betgerl, her internal struggles and her heartaches and experiences. However, do not think bad — this story is only slightly less interesting and exciting.

I would say that this movies is like the movie “Sin City”, only DC-shny. There in a half hour shoved some way or another connected among themselves stories about different people, here for the hour we were shown to two stories linked in. And as for me — turned out very good.

But why was it necessary to deceive the viewer and to be called “Killer joke” — is unclear. Would be called something like “Batman: the Chronicles of Gotham”, well something like pseudophloem spirit.

Now on the technical side. Which is… good. Yes, for 3.5 million budget the film is made very fit, though in the animation there is nothing supernatural (and sorry).

Special thanks to the authors of the comic book and movie for realism. If a person is hit in the face — he has the blood. If a man fall from a pistol — he dies. The explosion tears a man to pieces, adult gangsters swear like adult criminals — that everything is in order.

A small minus from yourself. Each time strained black panties Butman, worn over his grey tights. I understand that initially he has such a design that in the 88th year Brian Bolland, the artist who drew the comic exactly, but in ‘ 89, Tim Burton released a film where Butman was a cool black suit without idiotic jerk. And in the court of 2016! Even Snyder took off Superman’s red underpants, because it’s not the ‘ 80s. And the funny thing? That Beverly no stupid underpants on top of pants NO!

Okay, this is all my personal claim. The cartoon is really good. The atmosphere, story and voice acting. The Joker is Canon, voiced by Luke Skywalker, and I must admit, as before, is good at it.

To watch or not think for yourself, but personally I was not fanateyuschie from superhero comics — were pleased with this creation. Probably — this is about something Yes speaks.

7 out of 10

New review: Batman: the killing joke 30.07.2016

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