New review: Batman: the killing joke 30.07.2016

Batman: the killing joke is an independent graphic novel, published in 1988, was warmly received by critics and forever sunk into the soul the fans of Batman. And now, after so many years, followed by multi-adaptation of this creation.

“Joke” left me with a rather strange impression, but all in good time.

The cartoon, in fact, can be divided into two parts. The first story is Barbara and the second, the story of the Joker.

“I’m watching „Killer joke“?” “I thought, after ten minutes of watching the cartoon. Since the comic is rather short for a full hour in the beginning decided itility line Barbara, but for what? No, I understand that it did, so we empathized with her, but then she behaves like a hysteric! Breaks down on Batman when he doesn’t want to undertake the job, for fear that she might hurt. Throws an innocent man into the bushes, just because he says to his girlfriend that he wants personal time. Besides, she just went on about the main guy, the first part of the cartoon, just because of the fact that he wanted to prove his teacher was capable of.

After all these events, I didn’t even want to empathize with her. The first part was boring and tightened, and the heads of the skunk no, but when started the screen itself is the “Killer joke” which we were promised, things went much better.

For the second part I have no complaints, this is literally step-by-step adaptation of the comic book. The wonderful mark Hamill voiced the Joker. What is the scene in the tunnel where Gordon sees the photos of his wounded daughter. The animation was mesmerizing, the plot twists shocked, and the back story of the Joker has left in my memory an indelible impression.

What is the result? The cartoon turned out great adaptation of the comic book. The last part of the cartoon, very good. The ending leaves the viewer in shock. But the beginning of a very overcast, Barbara me personally, very much annoyed with his behavior. After watching, I had a feeling that I’ve seen two different cartoon. However, it is impossible not to admit that after a rather weak first part of the cartoon, the second looks even more wonderful.

8 out of 10

New review: Batman: the killing joke 30.07.2016

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