New review: battle Royale 30.09.2017

In recent years, extraordinary popular dystopian franchise “the Hunger games”, which has acquired a truly iconic status among the youth audience. But few know that this franchise is not innovative in its structure. Of course such works, both literary and cinematic came out in the mid-twentieth century. However, this Japanese film has become a landmark in the same genre. Although I learned about it purely by chance. Quentin Tarantino directed this film in the first place in the list of twenty best films of 1992. Such a recommendation I couldn’t ignore.

The film is based on the novel by Japanese writer of Kosuna Takami. The book became a bestseller and was translated into many languages. The action takes place in a totalitarian state. Against the backdrop of major social problems, the government launched a special educational project. A group of Japanese school children are transported to a desert island and forced to kill each other. The living must remain the only one. The plot is somewhat similar. Isn’t it?

The genre is fiction dystopia, adventure, drama, Thriller about survival and tough fighter with well-choreographed action in one person. In the film there is a clear social implication. The theme of education occupies an important place in stories, even if it is presented in a radical way. The relationship students in the course of the conflict, reflects all the problems faced by the younger generation. However, the Director Kindzi Fukasaku hardly laid a lot of philosophical meaning in his creation. Although without deep speculation is also not done. Well, in addition to all the author could not avoid the theme of love and romantic relationships. Love line is not the main, but serves as an important accompanying element.

It should be noted the staginess of the tape. Scenes of fights and shootings performed at a high level. That’s a very bloody and cruel spectacle, where the author focuses on violence and does not attempt to protect the psyche of the audience. This may seem excessive, but Japanese filmmakers are famous for their use of excessive force in the demonstration of violence on the screen. Tape quite clearly shows in what could become and what sacrifices are ready to go the man to save his own life.

Acting is much more difficult. The young actors are trying, but their attempts to look too strained. Emotions rolls over, which in principle is typical for Asian performers. Tatsuya Fujiwara and Aki Maeda, who played a couple of the main characters look pretty good, but the special experiences not cause. But remember Masanobu Ando in the role of a psychopath killer. The main star of the film was outstanding Takeshi Kitano. This is a very difficult way, although at first glance this is a standard villain. However, his motives are revealed in the course of the narrative.

Battle Royale is a breathtaking, spectacular, cruel, violent adventure Thriller on the one hand and dystopian social drama on the other. The painting impresses with its unconventional story, inventiveness and virtuoso action scenes. I did not have philosophical depth, but as an entertaining Thriller tape works fine.

7 out of 10

New review: battle Royale 30.09.2017

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