New review: Baywatch 12.06.2017


This tape is a remake of the series 1989, or continuation of, a little unclear. However, I went to this film with some skepticism, thought it would be a complete failure. I made a mistake. The movie was pretty funny and entertaining.

About the plot:

Former Olympic swimmer and part-time total loser, Matt Brody, comes to marine rescuers, that would be one of them. Along with Mitch, the main rescuer, they become involved in the criminal disassembly associated with the division of the territory.

About the film:

A fun film that combines several genres such as Comedy and Thriller. Except for that one moment, I would say that this is the perfect movie.

Dwayne Johnson, handsome. I like the actor, the Jock with irony, which can really make laugh the audience, one of his facial expressions. However, he always looks brutal, hinting enemies that not to be trifled with. Talking about it, even those actors that work with Duane.

Hero Zac Efron Matt is a prick and a loser at the same time. He believes that he is the best and thinks only of himself, but he was quickly put in place. Later, he corrects and tries to do good deeds. Klishirovannyh, but nevertheless, it is interesting to observe.

The Comedy moments are good. I wasn’t laughing, but it was very fun.

Moments of action pleased me, particularly the scene of the melee, where the character of Dwayne was throwing all the right and left.

Just want to mention the beautiful girls in this movie, like Alexander, Dadario and Kelly Rohrbach. They are just nice to look at, they are sexy and pleasing to the male gaze. By the way, this is the second joint film of Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra, Daddario. The first was the “San Andreas” in 2015, where they play father and daughter.

Also, in the movie there are actors from the original series, and it was David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Plus, it shows the outtakes like in Jackie Chan movies, so I advise you to watch them.

In General, don’t be a single moment that I was a bit surprised, I would rate the picture for the highest score.

8 out of 10

New review: Baywatch 12.06.2017

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