New review: Baywatch 12.06.2017

After watching the movie only desire has been rather to run to the beach, sunbathe on the sand, splash in the cool sea and, for a change, to pretend that drags you to the bottom of the jellyfish, a shark, a sea monster, but at least the Neptune is not important — the main thing to attract the attention of beauty fever police man in a bathing suit, so she pulled you out and… well, Well, of course, dreaming. Back in reality, remember that the strength of a hairy man’s chest begin to beat. And then another, and fine solder.

Colorful painting of ocean and firmer buns tanned girls pulled many films from the full bottom, but when I go to look for it, and get the detective in the style of a Sherlock on the rest upset. Watch as dopey jocks trying to use deductive methods to unravel the case, and even more retarded policeman leads them to a complete standstill sadly.

Of course, we got what we expected. Guys have no fear will be able to evaluate all sides of the dignity of blonde Kelly Rohrbach, and dream of forms Alexandra Daddario, and indeed, the crowd picked up are also not random, the experienced eye will find something to grab on to (not only look, but little hands). Be afraid guys to slap in the face is not necessary, because all the girls ‘ attention will be focused on the biceps of Dwayne not to buff but more cute Zac Efron. Although, the female half of the audience diversity will be smaller than these supermen there especially is no one there. Well… except that some people like men in uniform.

Apparently, the packets of drugs started to take an example from the whales because schools started to be thrown ashore. Here the Protagonist is the Beach, Mitch thought, something’s not right. And away we go.

A love affair is almost not noticeable. Salivating dry quickly, because to use them is almost not necessary — instead of focusing on the virtues, too often shown trying to think of Mitch.

A couple three dirty jokes and the truth turned out to be good and relevant, others seemed very fleeting. Prank did not go quite so slipped out quietly, not in the same mood to laugh at them. We came for others.

Overall, the movie is fun, sets the carefree summer atmosphere and relaxing. Not picking on the little things and not remembering the good old series, we can say that neither the worst fears nor our best hopes were not justified. Somewhere in the middle.

6 out of 10

New review: Baywatch 12.06.2017

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