New review: beauty and the beast 19.06.2017

I’m an artist, I watched the movie 10 times already. Bad do not see it, and every time something new to notice. Bring your arguments and facts:

1) the Film is based more on the book 1740 2) All items, characters, additional scenes taken from the book — Belle originally lived in Paris, in a village just moved in with my dad at some point, rose’s father always asked about the curse, knew. But in the form of a Monster she was a little shy, so the final scene of recognition were tightened, although its tragedy only adds to the fire. Belle has had 4 Hobbies (books, singing, dancing, performance). Emma Watson played the role well, and given morality tales, to the exterior of the fault makes no sense. The rest is also true. The monster always appeared at the first time only after the shearing of the roses, has long been in doubt, as the King in the book not considered such as the Belle in the movie is the Prince passed on. Dan Stevens also played the role well and in a certain angle on his cartoon of the Prince similar.

3) Monster — a light semblance of a Chimera (like a lion and a goat in one head).

4) Agatha — the likeness of Themis, goddess of justice and balance, so we see her surveillance, maintaining balance of the elements (winter in the castle, and summer in the city), using the fact and what that has been damaged or is offended (Maurice, rose, split wood, acceleration of time — the petals quickly fall, the bridge, the restoration of memory).

5) the film is not only a mirror, but the book and the magic itself is quite diverse. 6) New songs better than the old original. 7) the Castle was created in the style of Baroque advanced and everything in it characters: the Term Baroque Italian = strange and bizarre. The style features 2 purpose — the pursuit of luxury and desire from reality to illusion.

All the actors — Ian Mackellen, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Audra McDonald, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Stanley Clouds — played their role, but one not worse than another.

New review: beauty and the beast 19.06.2017

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